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Bodybuilding Motivation - From Zero To Hero

My name is Mikael Forssell. Without going into too many details about my career in football, in my top moments, I have played both in the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga. In addition, I have also played in the Finnish A-national team making 88 appearances and scoring 29 goals.

I am a striker forward. Since I first touched a ball I have known that I wanted to play football professionally when I grew up. To clarify that, I not only did want to become a professional footballer, I wanted to score goals…loads of them! Often when watching a minute game I have felt bored. I rather went training and playing on my own and watched highlights and goals afterwards, which were summed up in a few minutes. I never liked the slow building up of the game, nor when games were slow in pace or defensive-oriented.

That still frustrates me to this day. Since I was young, I have always believed that the more you train the better you become. Nothing in life comes for free. Growing up in Finland I was born in , just turned 37 was not always the easiest regarding individual training and developing as a player. To the ones that do not know, Finland is basically covered in snow and ice up to six months of the year.

It is virtually impossible to train outside. The closest indoor football hall was one hour away by bus. What I have always prided myself in is my ability to use time in the best way possible. Here, I had the choice to sit in a bus for two hours one hour there and one hour back to go and train, but I knew that I would have lost two hours of training-time sitting in a bus.

So, I decided to look for other places closer by and other options where to train. Unbelievable respect to this man in the middle johnterry. The more you play with the ball the better technique you will get, and the better player you will become! I started to look for places to train in the city in freezing cold conditions.

I was only 7 years old when I found the perfect place to train: the drive-thru from the street to the inside yard of our house block. This meant it could snow, rain or be freezing cold but the concrete floor was not covered in anything. I believe that by having trained in such small spaces it has benefitted me handling the ball in tight spaces in between defenders and strengthening my faith in my ability to control the ball in difficult situations.

I was always dreaming before training sessions and games that I was going to score goals that day. I visualised going past defenders and even around the goalkeeper to score goals. I did that constantly, many times a day since I was a kid. It was systematically programmed in me. Later on, in my career as a professional player, I have understood that I actually have had a unique, natural gift.

Many players, even on the top, struggle with the mental side in sports. For strikers, the mental side is extremely important, without taking away anything from any other position. But for a striker, for example, not scoring or missing opportunities can be a real burden. To bring understanding, it is not only about having a bad patch, it can seriously have an impact on the career of a player as it is expected that a striker scores goals and brings the wins for the team.

‘What has always intrigued me in football is being a hero or a zero’

This is what has always intrigued me in football: being a hero or a zero. A hero or a villain. You get cheered or booed at. I have always loved this part. I like setting concrete goals and concrete plans about how to achieve them. I have always known what I have wanted in life.

I just think that when you believe in something that gives you inspiration, set up a plan for it, and work hard, you have the best chance of achieving those goals. It is the combination of blind belief and hard work. Although this might sound a bit extreme for someone, I can now confirm that there is some truth in my way of thinking. Making small gains was exciting, like a child getting a brand new Nintendo for Christmas. A few weeks later Antshares rebranded to NEO.

The money was real as it got — I converted some of my gains into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even cashed a bit out through Coinbase. At this point,I decided that I was going to quit school to dedicate all my time and attention to the crypto markets.

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My parents were furiously against this decision and my friends warned me not to do it. Meanwhile, Bitcoin was making headline gains every month. This is also about the same time all the doubters were changing their tone about the cryptocurrency market. The same people who were warning me against investing in crypto my family and friends included were now bombarding me with questions about crypto. Today, as I write this, I feel like an entirely new person.

Most importantly I am more financially stable and free than I have ever been in my life. I truly believe my success story is just one of the many out there now, and one of the even many more to come! Remember Me. Lost your password? Brian January 21, Editorial. A Rough Start A year ago, I lived a very different life.

You should never be in the gym longer than an hour. That is it. No more, no less. You grow when you rest, not when you train. Understand that now so you will grow sooner. Rest for 90 seconds between sets. Also do cardio 2 days a week for minutes a session after your training.

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This is good for your cardiovascular system and will keep you from gaining too much body fat. Also drink a liter of water while training to replace what you lose while sweating and training. No creatine, no nitric oxide, why? Right now you are primed for growth because you are just starting out. Your body is going to respond to what you do for the first month so the extra supps are not necessary yet. Save your money now and just focus on this. What happened to you?

Are you on roids or something? You grew like a weed. Oh, wait. You actually followed the plan and you are growing. Take some photos and post them so you can inspire others now. You are doing great and you should be proud. Celebration time is over.

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Back to work. Let's check out the diet and see what we can modify. Hopefully you have been taking those pictures and seeing the results of your hard work is pushing you. Now I want you to see the results beforehand. Yeah I know it sounds strange, but hear me out. From here on in, before going to bed you will take a few minutes and visualize what you are going to do the next day.

Watch yourself training, eating right and watch yourself improve every night before going to sleep. If this is your dream then you have been doing this anyway. Now you are focusing on seeing it to be it. Every night, before going to sleep, visualize yourself living a healthy lifestyle the following day. We've taken the rice out of dinner and from here on in mix your shakes with water only. Taking these calories out will prevent gaining more body fat than you need.

If you are still keeping up with numbers, then you stick with the 1. Also make sure your water intake is still around a gallon a day. One more thing. Treat yourself once a week for doing so well with the diet and training. If you are craving a burger or some pizza, go ahead and have it. Just make sure it is on a day that you are not training. Sundays are generally the free day, but have it when your schedule allows it. Now the rest is going to be cut down to a minute between sets and you can also add a third cardio session after one of the weight training days.

Make sure it is low intensity so you don't burn muscle tissue. I have added creatine and a pre-workout supplement if you can afford one. If you can't that is okay. The creatine is going to be important for your recovery now that you are training with more volume and with heavier weights. Make sure you are consistent with all of your supplements or they won't work. You should be proud of what you have done thus far. You are inspiring people and impressing many that know you. The photos you have been taking are certainly making a huge statement about your hard work and dedication.

You are also probably motivated like never before because of the results. I bet those shirts you had when you started don't fit anymore either. That is great, but now it is time to turn the intensity level up as high as possible because the second half of the year is much tougher than the first so your focus and determination must not falter at all. Everything at this point is the same as with months Nothing changes here so just keep doing what you are doing.

Make sure you are only treating yourself if you are following through the rest of the week. If you grab a candy bar somewhere or grab a burger on the way home, that is your treat and you are now starting over for the week. Keep up with the water too. Obviously you can't do the same thing over and over for six months so this is where I am going to give you some creative control on your training.

I am going to give you the blueprint and you get to plug in the exercises where you want.

You pick the movements, but stick to this objective in the gym. To find some great choices of exercises, go to the Bodybuilding. Workout PDF.

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Program Note: One minute rest between sets. This is going to be intense, but at this point you should be craving the punishment because you know by now that pain is weakness leaving the body. Change the exercises every weeks to keep from getting bored and so your body won't adapt to what you are doing. Complete Workout PDF. Now that you have the plan, you should remember that pledge you took at the beginning of this article. Do not quit, do not let negativity and haters get to you, and do not doubt yourself!

You must have absolute faith that this will work and you are going to live your dream of having that body you have wanted for so long. A year may seem like a long time, but trust me it really isn't. You will find this out for yourself as the weeks progress. You will also establish yourself as a success story in the fitness world thanks to your efforts on your BodySpace page. I am not going to put a set number of weight you will gain in this year long quest.

It may be pounds of muscle. It could be even more.