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I never saw another person from ASCAP, but I would receive 1 or 2 mailings from them each year after that, which I opened, laughed at and threw in the trash. After more than a decade in the same location a lawsuit never arrived, nor did anyone in our association receive a lawsuit. I was just a brash young guy who lost his cool.

On the upside, it turns out that the cost to litigate was not worth their time. They were looking for the easy rubes that they could scare, then once they wrote a check they gave away their rights.

83: From Bankruptcy to $20M Exit With Tim Fargo of Tweet Jukebox

Dave and Busters have no choice but to pay all of them. But, small operators… well make your own decision. Being Logical about the licensing fees, I understand the concept that the artist is entitled to be paid something for their work in a commercial situation but once is enough…this feels like extortion. Has, what I consider to be double dipping, been tested in court and if so did it hold up? I have a question. What about small local establishments that have local musicians performing cover songs?

Is that also a violation? We have a mom and pop German restaurant. The only music we play is music by German artists, from Germany. We purchased the music in Germany.

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BMI will not provide us with list of artists that they represent in Germany. We have a license for Pandora Business. What do you recommend we do. We got the email from BMI saying that we are being considered for litigation. Anyone have an opinion or better yet a legal precedent on this?

Is there any exemption for a non-profit, community art center that has local and regional musicians performing live music; both original and covers? What was the end result of your situation? We operate on a similar basis, seat around the same amount of people and do not hire cover bands. After receiving more e-mails and voicemails then ever necessary from a business, I reached out to them. This seasonal business has closed for the year and I have no revenue coming in. Perfect timing, of course. My main question is, can they change my bill after I have paid the total in full? Is this legal?

What are the laws regarding playing movies or music in nursing homes? I have BMI calling me on a daily basis about licensing my nursing home. Spotify s sister company Soundtrack Your Brand have an international music service called Soundtrack Business that does this.

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The background music service will cover your background music uses but not not live, dj and karaoke music performances in your business. You can even ask the background music provider and they will tell you the same thing. Question: Who pays BMI or Ascap when using a juke box in a public tavern the juke box owner or the tavern?

Thank you. Do I need a license for an apt complex that holds an annual pool party for the tenants and hires a local DJ to play 4 hours of music? That is the only time we play music at the business. Approximately residents and guests attend the party coming and going during a 4 hours span since they live here they come for a little while and then leave.

It just seems ridiculous since we pay a DJ who has the proper licenses himself to play the music. When initially contacted be sure to listen carefully- and then play dumb. The best way to reply to a cold call or e-mail see play dumb above is to let them know that you are not hosting performances or playing copy written songs. Additionally, let them know that your establishment is under 2,sq ft. It is very unlikely they will send someone to visit or confirm… especially if you are in a remote area..

Keep in mind the difference…personal enjoyment- you purchased the recordings for your own use and listen to them at home- you are okay. Once you play them for the public, in a hospital, in a park no matter where- you are in violation. A small, local farmers market held in the park for a good cause leg braces for a homeless war heroes kid — they may eventually come after you and your good cause to line their own pockets.

I made that word up. I have a tiny little tavern in Colorado. They can tailor their set lists to play specific songs chosen by you for your event For events, they can learn a couple of songs that you may wish to request ie. Once again, please mention this upon booking How long does it take you to set up? Ideally they need the best part of 90 minutes to set up and sound check. This is essential to make sure that they get the best possible sound and volume to make the listening experience as enjoyable as possible they agree arrival time, set up times etc upon booking How long do you play for?

Normally they perform either 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. They can play longer or even additional sets, please note that you may be subject to additional charges. They also charge extra for playing past midnight. The primary thing they need is a good supply of power. They recommend at least 2 - 4 wall plugs to allow us to spread the current load safely for both the venue and their equipment. They need to know if there is a sound limiter installed at the venue, and if there is, if its possible to disable it.

They can play in smaller spaces however, the more room that can be given to them the better.

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Parking close to the venue is also high desirable as this will affect set up times, 3 parking spaces close to the load in area if possible. Changing facilities - Somewhere for them to get ready, to store road cases etc. The venue's toilets are NOT acceptable, so please ensure this is arranged with the venue before the date of the event. Equipment spec?

Their Industry Standard PA that they use is suitable for an audience of approx. For bigger audiences they may advise the hire of a bigger PA for your event. On top of that, you can adjust the trip to your needs, f. You can book it through our booking platform at talixo. It is impossible to book a Talixo ride on the phone or through email.

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We offer regular and elegant passenger cars and vans for the big luggage bookings, or transport of people in wheelchairs. We offer 4 booking classes, each prepared for specific needs you might have. Here you can find the most significant features of each car category. Additional luggage, such as sports equipment or child seat are available for limousine transfers. Business: an elegant car such as Audi A6 the driver will wait 60 minutes after actual landing time the driver will wait for 15 minutes after the indicated pickup time f.

First Class: an upper class car such as Mercedes Benz S-Class the driver will wait for 90 minutes after the actual landing time the driver will wait for 30 minutes after the indicated pickup time f. To learn more about our booking classes, click here.

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Please remember that you can make your changes up to 3 hours before the pickup time you gave while booking. Once you tap on the booking, you can choose the option to cancel it. Please keep in mind that you can cancel your booking until 3 hours before the pickup time you indicated while booking for standard transfers.

When it comes to rides booked hourly or exceeding 70 km of distance, you can cancel them up to 24 hours before pickup time. If you booked a Talixo ride with an external booking engine, we cannot cancel the booking, please contact the company you booked with.

Normally, our passenger cars such as Sedans can fit 3 pieces of luggage in the above-mentioned size, our MPVs fit in 6 and vans take up to 8. Remember to specify the amount of luggage you can bring while making a reservation. On the website you can do that at the very first stage of the booking by clicking on "More options" and choosing the amount of luggage: In the Android app, you can also do that on the very first screen:.

In the iOS app on the other hand, you will be presented with the luggage capacity while choosing the car from those available in the area. We provide child seats for children from 3 to 6 years and from 6 to 12 years.

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To make sure that the child seat is provided just add it while booking. If you write about the children seats only in the message to the driver, they cannot be guaranteed. We do provide children seats everywhere for children older than 1. It is probable that we may not have the capacity to ensure transfer of a child younger than 1 year old. In such cases, please contact us at support talixo. If you wish to book a ride with wheelchair assistance, please contact us by email before placing a booking at support talixo.

You can choose as many as 24! And as a couple of reminders: the hourly booking is only such that is booked for a certain amount of time, with any Talixo booking classes and has a specified pickup location, toll and parking fees are not included in the price. You will get the name, surname and telephone number of your driver in an SMS until 30 minutes before the pickup time.