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Call Toll-free gov. Urgent care centres help conserve emergency department resources for more serious, life-threatening conditions.

Right Care Initiative

Patients are seen based on their medical need, not order of arrival. If your issue is not life-threatening, you may wait longer at an emergency department because more serious cases will be given priority. Knowing where to go will help you receive better health care, sooner. Doctor or clinic Your family doctor or primary care clinic is your medical home where most of your health issues can, and should, be addressed. You should always try to seek care for non-emergency issues with your family doctor or nurse practitioner first.

What does Right Care, Right Now™ Mean to You

See your doctor or walk-in-clinic for things like: minor illnesses, flu, rashes or infections diagnosis and specialist referral ongoing management of health conditions and preventative care prescriptions, vaccinations and inoculations Walk-In Connected Care Walk-In Connected Care Clinics WICC are available to the general public on a walk-in basis to meet unexpected health care needs during times when it is difficult to see your regular care provider. This should also free up beds in crowded hospital emergency departments, which will benefit all critically ill emergency patients.

The District has one of the highest per-capita EMS call volume in the nation.

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Our high non-emergency call volume strains the Department's resources for emergencies. How it works?

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Under the Right Care, Right Now program, callers to with non-emergency injuries or illnesses are transferred to a nurse, either by the center or by a FEMS first responder. The nurse asks the caller questions and assesses his or her symptoms so that the nurse can refer the caller to the most appropriate non-emergency medical care available, most likely a community clinic or urgent care clinic in the caller's neighborhood.

Medicaid and DC Healthcare Alliance enrollees are provided with free transportation to and from the clinic. Read and listen to a story from WAMU - Have an account?