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Surrealism emerged and developed in times of intense social, political and cultural crisis. And I believe that today, we are going though something similar. But it was inconceivable that, instead of recalling Congress to emergency session, Obama would simply place everything in suspension while Congress finished its Labor Day barbeques and he flew off to Stockholm and St.

So much for the fierce urgency of enforcing an international taboo and speaking for the dead children of Damascus. Importantly, participants wanted to emphasize that the pace, composition, and extent of asset purchases would continue to be dependent on the Committee's assessment of the implications of incoming information for the economic outlook, as well as the cumulative progress toward the Committee's economic objectives since the institution of the program last September.

The discussion centered on the possibility of providing a rough description of the path for asset purchases that the Committee would anticipate implementing if economic conditions evolved in a manner broadly consistent with the outcomes the Committee saw as most likely. Several participants pointed to the challenge of making it clear that policymakers necessarily weigh a broad range of economic variables and longer-run economic trends in assessing the outlook.

As an alternative, some suggested providing forward guidance about asset purchases based on numerical values for one or more economic variables, broadly akin to the Committee's guidance regarding its target for the federal funds rate, arguing that such guidance would be more effective in reducing uncertainty and communicating the conditionality of policy. However, participants also noted possible disadvantages of such an approach, including that such forward guidance might inappropriately constrain the Committee's decisionmaking, or that it might prove difficult to communicate to investors and the general public.

Would you like to leave a message? It's harsh and rugged, with steep terrain, lots of downed logs and thick brush. Thatcompares with a July 1 estimate of 8. Courthouse, Detroit's attorneys are expected to tick offarguments meant to meet the standard to prove the legalrequirements for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. The unity has never left, it was just one member that decided differently. We will always love our cousin [Mandla]. Other towns, includingRueschlikon, have already decided against donating part of thetax proceeds.

Her organisation, Kembatti Mentti Gezzima, is credited with reducing the practice in Ethiopia, her home country. She does not tell people to stop, she says. A source close to the investigation told the L. Times that the woman died of blunt force trauma and may have been hit with a crowbar. While it doesn't publicly reveal any new information about Facebook users that they haven't shared previously, it can resurface information that has long since receded into the background, and which many users may well have forgotten about completely. Having the vaccine is the best way to protect your child from the flu.

For example, although measles only accounted for 4 percent of child deaths in , it was included as one of just three child mortality sub goals. Next to Mr. Met, the media relations chief is the greatest mascot in franchise history. And now you can have his bobblehead, which will be part of a Social Media Night giveaway when the Mets host the Tigers on Aug.

He has got to be the only President I have seen since Carter that is so arrogant and refuses to listen to the will of the people. Why is Congress on both sides of the isle not seeing how dangerous he is to America. Google how the health care law is going to affect working Americans with insurance. Look at how many companies have already cut benefits because of the law. How much do we have to take before we all say enough? It helps me because it lets me know my marketing is working well.

The Russian restaurant car had a limited menu but this forced us to buy fresh bread, smoked fish and fruit from babushkas on platforms for a few roubles, while quantities of coal to fuel the ample heating on board were loaded. Our Chinese conductor used the stops to knock icicles off the outflow of showers. A samovar provided hot water for hot chocolate and cup-a-soups.

Each had accepted a ride from Castro. They escaped May 6, when Berry, now 27, broke part of a door to Castro's house in a tough neighborhood and yelled to neighbors for help. Castro was arrested that evening. It is an escalating arms race. Right now, 16 states have required a two-thirds vote in their legislatures to raise taxes and many have other super majority requirements for other bills. This is a bad road to go down that leads to paralysis and inaction and endless frustration.

The finger grew into the mold, generating new bone and soft tissue and a new fingernail. Two of Okech's friends were left behind, mortally wounded. Alone in the jungle, they continued to move, not knowing if they were being pursued. With just ahandful of people working on the problem, he expects it to take"a lot of time and a lot of staff effort" to fix it. Destin wasexpected to restart July So we set about automating that process and taking it paperless.

That is, we'd like to show that we can use entanglement to circumvent the quantum noise that would otherwise limit the sensitivity of a force measurement," says Lehnert. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made clear she was open to talking to her Iranian counterpart, Manouchehr Mottaki, at an international conference in Egypt, but the encounter amounted to pleasantries over ice cream.

According to the authority, they have now been fully redeemed and there are no bonds outstanding.

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It has been planning for months to launch a video-ad service of its own. It is also rolling out a series of initiatives to highlight the conversations that are happening across its platform. Now Russia's Uralkali has given potash producers a taste of what could happen as itrecently quit the Belarusian Potash Co cartel. Naughty Dog takes full advantage of the agency that you get from playing as Joel, and that plays in heavily at the end, drawing out a wealth of emotions from the gamer in a way that wouldn't have been possible if this were simply a film.

No one can believe she has snared him like this. Asked if Brady might play Friday night in an exhibition game against the Buccaneers, the person said he didn't know. Besides, Alex has been getting booed since he stepped on a major league field when he was Even in the Drive setting, automatic shifts came with a pause and lurch, transforming the Aston from a car in its element to one akin to using a Kentucky Derby entrant as a plow horse. It looked good, but it was wasting its talents. Indeed the mph V12 Vantage S is best saved for special, full-monty occasions. Instead, Project X Zone wants you to move your characters into range for an attack, then manage an EX meter.

This meter is supposed to govern skills such as healing, countering and defending, and it must be managed throughout the battle. But in practice, you're rarely challenged to use it. He acknowledged that Mandela had criticized him for invading Iraq. But Bush said, "He wasn't the only guy. It's OK.

I made decisions that were the right decisions. History will ultimately judge. I never held someone's opinion against him. I didn't look at him differently because he didn't agree with me on any issue. It is frightening to think what could have happened if it had happened a little later in the day and there were people around.

You spilled sticky soda overyourself all day long, so by the end of the game you were asugary, sweaty mess. It was really unpleasant. Cattle Co, a 10,head feedlot in Ipswitch, South Dakota, said he has raisedcattle free of beta-agonists since beginning the business in Six months ago, he said, Tyson without any explanationbegan offering him a premium on cattle that had never consumedbeta-agonists. Did you go to university?

I usually require a new back. Sorry but this is bogus - all it is doing is saying light levels affect us. As has been known for years with S. Where are the control groups? Has any research been done on different lighting to duplicate natural light? Saying we reset our clocks is just silly - OFC we do. From the start of this year, commission has rightly been banned as a way of paying for new advice given to employers. With this latest slump, the rupee has lost more than half its worth The rupee traded for Rs Other participants alsohad no comment or did not return requests for comment on thediscussions at the meeting.

He worked as an insurance broker before selling his first novel. He was also a part owner of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. Following the commentsabout a possible Boeing purchase by VietJet, the airline itselfdampened the prospect of an imminent order with Boeing. Rice was 27 and after a decade in pro ball seemed much closer to the end than the beginning. He called the farm director of every big league organization.

He pitched briefly with another independent team, the Newark Bears, before signing with the Padres, who assigned him to their Double-A affiliate in San Diego, only to release him not even three months later. In fact, while examining the homage, she points out in the film that she was wearing the same outfit as she was in one of the pictures. Compared with the previous quarter,typically the strongest period for capital markets, pretaxprofit was down 42 percent.

And those were doubles by those noted sluggers, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki. This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring. Its stock price has fallen more than 10 percent over the last 12 months, while the Dow has risen roughly 18 percent. France and Germany decided to hitch their wagons together in January , when they signed the Elysee Treaty of Friendship. Another , people areexpected to sign up for insurance on the exchange through smallbusinesses, she said.

And, if it goes down in value, do you expect to receive a refund? Furthermore, when people talk about capital gains tax rates it seems to be lost on them that the money that was invested has already been taxed, in most cases as ordinary income. Arguably it would be more balanced to compare the tax rates of one persons investment income to the tax rate for another persons investment income, not their ordinary income.

Several said they had called all week and were promised that at least 20 would be on hand at the start of the day and more would be available before closing. The only iPhone 5S on hand at the start was a slate gray model and store managers wouldn't comment on the size of their supply. It also claims no rights to the trademarks of either the Timberwolves or the NBA. Treasuries to hold up fairly well in the leadup to the debt ceiling showdown, and perhaps to rally even in the event of a default.

That's what happened in when the U. Who do you work for? In primates, brain size expanded as social groups grew larger, which meant that mothers were infertile for longer and more males were close by.

Сапалы білім – елдің қарқынды дамуының сара жолы

For males, infanticide was a strategy to make females fertile again. The weather is best in spring and autumn. You never want to see anybody get hurt. Especially how he got hurt, in a preseason game. Twocompanies saw an increase in employment while two had decreased;the remaining 16 saw the same levels as the previous quarter. How many are there in a book? Poor man! The legislation will then go back to the House where Republicans are expected to attach other Republican-friendly provisions.

It is thin though at only 8. So, this was always going to bea transaction that saw a large percentage of bonds allocated toUS accounts," said another banker on the deal. The collective, individual skill, final ball and finishing. It was everything that you dream to see when you sit in the stands watching football. It was very enjoyable. How do you spell that? Yes, that's as crazy as it sounds. Everyone, even young people who think they will never get sick, never get into an accident and basically never die, needs health insurance. And when young, healthy people don't get health insurance, it makes it more expensive for everyone else, since the pool of insureds is higher risk.

A lot of stuff to think about. On my media tour to promote my book, I noticed that the majority of the TV and radio interviewers confided after the show that they are introverts. We introverts are trained from a young age to act more extroverted than we really are. The real challenge is not only pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones but also allowing ourselves to stay home on Saturday nights and feel great about that choice.

Barring a medical breakthrough, those numbers are expected to more than double by Another of the upstarts,Public Mobile, was recently acquired by private equity firms butwill not seek more airwaves in the auction due to start inJanuary. Children are poisoned when they take pills, vitamins or liquid drugs left unattended.

Drugs account for 40 percent of incidents involving children under age 6 that are reported to poison centers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Middle-aged people, though, are more likely to die of drug overdoses than children or other adults. Accidental drug overdoses kill more people ages 35 to 54 than car crashes. The domain now belongs to a new owner, who has no connection to these photographs.

His debut album, "Based on a T. Story," topped the Billboard charts. His new album, "B. II: Me Time," is set to be released next month. After swinging wildly at a pitch, Davis worked a walk. Some economists say higher rates may be starting to slow the recovery's momentum. In July, new-home sales plummeted to the lowest level in nine months. Federal Reservemay delay scaling back its stimulus. Thestock ended up 0. A source at industrywatchdog Anatel said the structure of the deal envisions acorporate restructuring rather than a change of control, whichwill facilitate approval of the transaction.

Police have said the headmistress is key to solving the mystery of how the pesticide ended up in the food. MLB investigators quickly determined that Cabrera and his associates were bluffing, in part because a website for the product Cabrera claimed had caused his positive test had been created shortly before he met with baseball officials. His attorney didn't return messages seeking comment.

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Manager Mike Matheny said he's riding the hot hand, and for a team that recorded just 14 hits over its last three games, Kozma's three knocks and one walk during this series are appealing. Treasury said it would exhaust its ability to borrow new funds, U. Share markets in Asia also cheered the deal.

SAC, however, might stay in business because more than half itsassets belong to Cohen and employees. They point to an incidentin which a provision imposing liability on credit rating firmsautomatically went live upon the law's passage in July With these thoughts, I traveled to the capital of the country, New Delhi, to ask people who had been working on these issues what they thought.

He said his daughter had her bags packed when she got the crushing news and was so upset she had chest pains. Part of the roof of one of the houses had collapsed. Theindex is unlikely to see a similar decline on any surprise nextweek, with many analysts citing its day moving average assupport. Currently, the index is 0. Illnesses antibiotics can treat include bacterial pneumonia, most urinary infections, some types of eye and ear infections, and some types of food poisoning.

If successful, money earned from these missions can be used to buy tattoos, new cars and clothes, or invest in real estate or the local stockmarket. It's not just a case of connecting everyone to one giant online brain. Unexpected load on one of these areas can unbalance the whole caboodle. Video advertising is generallyless transparent than Google Ad Word or display ads in that theyare less likely to be direct response. With direct response ads,the expectation is that those ads will result in some sort ofaction that can be tracked -- a click through to an advertiser'swebsite.

That way, the advertiser has metrics it can analyse ifanything goes awry. The researchers set up a bed of both coarse and fine soil, similar to sediment that has been observed on Mars. They built a straight track overhead, and attached a spare wheel from the Mars rover Opportunity. So even staying fairly even with earlier figures counts as a triumph. Likewise, that figure will be enough to put the disc in the No.

He told Reutershe and his brothers will be "investing in Egypt like neverbefore" after the ousting of a president. Do you need a work permit? Yellen's nomination could face challenges from Senate Republicans, who are likely to question her resolve to contain inflation and her support for the Fed's easy-money policies. She could also be pressed on whether she did enough as a bank regulator before the financial crisis to prevent the housing bubble and its fallout. Three banks have beenfined for manipulating Libor, a larger counterpart to Euribor,and investigations are continuing into the matter.

Lola loves to talk about her close relationship with Anne Frank. Debby has internalized the tales in very disturbing ways. This seems more effective with getting matching shots of landscapes or location so a search for an image of Barack Obama sitting at a canteen table will return results of similar canteens rather than of shots of the US President himself. Have you read any good books lately? A 25 per cent yield reduction was common across the county.

Farmers start to plant in September and October for the following year, so every aspect of their operation was affected. And he said: "Some Conservatives also seem to think that a job in the private sector somehow has more merit than someone working as a nurse or a teacher. But we know that you shouldn't divide public and private sector workers as if only jobs in the private sector matter. Extell officials no doubt realized how excessive the dollar amounts would look when exposed to the light of day. If he provides the innings, the hope and expectation certainly is that he can pitch at the front of that rotation.

Estimates for the ratios vary, depending onwhat analysts factor into the equation, making it difficult todetermine how closely banks adhere to the targets. Two strokes clear entering the final round of his 62nd major championship, he ended it four adrift and with his name not engraved upon the Claret Jug but invoked around the course as a byword for disappointment.

In his last 16 majors, he has finished in the top 10 in 10 of them, winning none. That speaks not of misfortune, or the capricious hand of fate, but of a pathological problem in hauling himself across the line. Pursuing sex, staying up late, not getting appropriate relaxation and sleep, as well as consuming alcohol diminishes athletic performance. But if you have a regular partner, have sex and then get a good, relaxing full night's sleep you will perform better at your sport.

I have a lot of times. Opinion polls suggest its supporthas shrunk by a third in the past year, but still give it closeto the 7 percent it won in the June parliamentary ballot. The power button will also be located on the back of the device, but if the phone is lying on a table users can switch it on by tapping on the screen twice. It may also compromise on the constitution to accelerate the transition to elections, promised by year-end or early Overall, one in 20 of the total participant pool quit smoking entirely, though participants who used e-cigarettes were more likely to continue using the devices after the study.

A third of the subjects in the nicotine and placebo e-cigarette groups were using the devices six months after the study ended, compared to only 8 percent of those who were still using nicotine patches. The raven-haired beauty is seeking joint custody of their two young children, ages 5 and 7, and is asking that her soon-to-be ex pay spousal support and legal fees. Released later this year, the premium saloon goes up against rivals from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and fellow luxury Japanese brand, Lexus. Samsung's Galaxy Mega has a 6. In a word, connections.

Sure, the grad student can expect high future earnings thanks to educational advantages. There should be dinners with Republican Senators and meetings with moderate Democrats. The president should go to the Hill and talk to the party caucuses. Fan the cabinet out across the country and give experts the platform of the White House to make the case.

A substantial changein British or Western policies requires a substantive change inthat programme. Because of his age he is not expected to go to jail. However, police have already confiscated his passport. He said the killings could push the country "back into sectarian strife," and called for immediate and decisive action to stop the "senseless bloodshed. Bumping the full sized iPad up to a bit A7 CPU and adding the M7 motion chip is predictable, but many people will be watching the iPad Mini to see if it moves up two steps to the A7 chip, or sticks to a single step up from an A5 to an A6 CPU, matching the iPhone 5c in the process.

Then when it drops to come down, that's when it the safety bar released and she just tumbled," Carmen Brown of Arlington told The Dallas Morning News. Brown said she was waiting in line to get on the ride when the accident happened. She witnessed the woman being strapped into the ride. He was one of seven players to withdraw - such a high number led to an inquest into the state of the courts. History tells us that such bluster has been known to backfire. As another kind of royalty, Lauren Bacall, famously explained, "Looking at yourself in the mirror isn't exactly a study of life.

For the best up to date information relating to Glasgow and the surrounding areas visit us at The Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra regularly or bookmark this page. If the Kiwis go in, learn from what they've done so far and the mistakes they've made and then just clear the brain and just get on with tomorrow's race with no scar tissue -- that's their big challenge. By , to avoid labels that might drive customers away, most major European retailers had removed genetically modified ingredients from products bearing their brand.

Today it is virtually impossible to find GMOs in European supermarkets. There are 21 private rooms arranged around a curvy, central pool. In-house Mandi-Mandi restaurant serves Malay and Italian fare or the hotel can point you to its smart sister restaurants in town. The most difficult thing for me is to leave the New Jersey Devils, a great organization that I have a lot of respect for, and our fans that have been great to me. Will I get travelling expenses? The Wall Street Journal reports that sales have hit a record high for the fourth consecutive quarter with "at least" eight million sold between July and September, up from 7.

The national exit poll of Americans who voted in tells the tale. With Americans so conflicted, it shouldn't be a surprise that politicians can't compromise. Penney Co Inc, bringing an end to anunusually public rift among directors that had threatened thestruggling company's turnaround efforts. The board also declaredits "overwhelming support" for Chairman Thomas Engibous andChief Executive Myron Ullman, both of whom Ackman had arguedshould be replaced. Would you like a receipt? What followed was somewhat forgettable.

Bargnani missed 98 games the past two seasons because of injuries, and his scoring average dipped to The year-old wasn't afraid to get a little wild in the waves wearing a purple animal print bikini on Feb. The first shooting took place at a house in southwest Dallas late Wednesday and another was about 15 minutes later in DeSoto, some 10 miles away, Dallas police Sgt.

Warren Mitchell said. Not all, especially those who support regime change, are pleased. Forget the gorgeous beach in the background, Irina Shayk pulls out all the stops for Beach Bunny's "Take Me to Rio" campaign, pairing bright and bold bikinis with plenty of gold jewelry and festive headpieces for the swimwear line's latest collection. What do you want to do when you've finished? It also noted thatloopholes would have exempted grocery and convenience stores,such as 7-Eleven, known for its ounce 1.

Putting in place a system where official-sector funding requires debt default, they say, plausibly enough, will only make matters worse: any time that a country even thinks about approaching the IMF or the ESM for help, markets will plunge, and bondholders will rush to be the first ones out the door. Court of Appeals. And then he bumped my car as well. He was just very rude about it and talked to me like I was nothing. When he gets on base he creates such havoc for pitchers.

Turkey is a member of theNATO transatlantic military alliance. Culturally, we are considered honest, almostnaive," the tyre maker's chief executive Kim Gran said. But the drug failed to distinguish itself for secondary endpoints on two other measures, though the companies say the trial was not designed to demonstrate statistically significant improvements on either of those measures. Their signatures are soft but hard-wearing leathers, clever pockets, and prices that make self gifting almost guilt-free. While this all sounds a little bureaucratic, the focus on coordination, oversight and legislative consistency is critical.

Otherwise it will not get done or, at minimum, it will not get done well. Roberge and Menzel report that their work corrects the previous calculations based on modern understanding of the state of the sun during the early solar system. But around mile 12, my IT band decided to make an appearance. The pain was immediate and intense but there was no way I was bowing out.

With each passing mile the burning pinch would get a few degrees higher and the imaginary hand would dig a few inches further until part of my leg just went numb. But as long as I didn't stop, I could almost ignore it. Running lopsided and bent over nearly 90 degrees, I crossed that finish line, weeping openly as I did, more from the exhaustion than the pain, but who knows. It took me , which wasn't bad considering I ran half of it through piercing pain. But I paid for that relative success.

Сапалы білім – елдің қарқынды дамуының сара жолы

I hobbled for two weeks and couldn't run for six months. The news came as China prepares to put on trial three activists agitating for officials to disclose assets. Even during July, China registered higher exports with exports to United States recorded at 6. The improvement of economic sentiment across the major developed world markets has led to higher demand for Chinese goods. Jerry Brown's request for a day cooling-off period in negotiations between the Bay Area Rapid Transit Agency and two of its largest unions. Where are you calling from?

All quote volume is comprehensive and reflects trading in all markets, delayed at least 15 minutes. International stock quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements. The Department for Business said a stock marketflotation would take place in coming weeks, giving the public achance to buy into the postal network. The massive corporation plans on pleading guilty to a criminal charge in the case. But we cannot put drivers at risk. If it had been done in a safer manner then it might have been viewed differently.

You can't have cars parked in the middle of a corner. Thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged and transportation brought to a virtual standstill in hard-hit areas. The improvements come after the city invested decades, and many millions of dollars, in failed attempts to revive the area.

Your cash Isa is linked to yet another branch that also forms part of the transfer. But, Byford said, it may also bring pressure on Serbia to confront the fate of thousands of Yugoslav Jews. So I'll have to rely on my keen knowledge of pop culture, some educated guesses and what we in the journalism biz call "outright fabrications.

It said the one person still in jail for the murder, Ivory Coast-born Rudy Guede, who is serving a year sentence, was unlikely to have committed the crime alone. Compliance and legal worries were oftenignored, they said. His first trial in June ended without a verdict.

His gun went off after he stormed a Detroit home to catch a murder suspect in The officer has an attorney, and internal affairs detectives are trying to determine whether he witnessed the assault on the SUV driver, the official said. He had gone to the aid of his neighbour, convicted paedophile Francis Cory-Wright, 86, after hearing him screaming for help at his country home. I thought. I Googled it and was appalled by the latest teenage girl obsession: having ultra-skinny thighs, so much so that one can see a space in between them when feet are touching hence, the gap is a trait many teenagers now covet.

Of course, for many, this idealized gap is physically impossible to attain. Still, I must admit to checking in the closet mirror to see if I had one.

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It sells advertising for its free service. At 23, Lawrence has already proven her worth as an actress and has even won her first Oscar. Still, there is the question of how believable she can be as a much older woman. Brundage and other U. His hospital visits started the day after his appointment.

He can be proud of the reforms that he and his staff have led to keep our criminal justice system one of the best in the world. Janssen and Pharmacyclics entered a collaboration and license agreement in December to co-develop and co-commercialize ibrutinib. The Arab African country lost three-quarters of its oil reserves - its main source of revenues and of dollars for food imports - when South Sudan became independent in Sound complex? It is. Put another way, your rate goes up by 0. This employs around people, while the units in its main European markets employ tens of thousands.

It comes back to the music. If you have great music, you could have been on the Brady Bunch reunion. When can you start? House of Representatives emerged from an immigration meeting onWednesday divided over whether to help the 11 millionundocumented people living in the United States, but eager tobolster border security. A small change in path can have major consequences in an Arctic valley through which thousands of caribou migrate, trampling the ground, eating lichens, transporting nutrients, feeding wolves, and generally altering the ecology. World buyers, including neighbor Brazil, also need Argentina'swheat as global demand for grain is on the rise.

Young provided Parcells with a talented roster of players that would help him win two Super Bowls. Palestinian negotiators have been clear about continued expansion being a peace talk deal breaker. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. But after the red carpet comes the party, and after the party comes the after party Historians have debated ever since whether it was necessary to drop a second weapon after the first was used, a few days earlier, against the city of Hiroshima - and whether that might have been used away from a population centre, simply to demonstrate the awesome power that America could now unleash.

The performance, which was held at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, was the first ever show for the Staten Island actor-turned-singer. I think it's really comforting knowing I'll always be doing those races, hopefully for the rest of my life. ON earlier this year after a collapse in the share prices of companies in his EBXenergy, oil, mining, port and shipbuilding group.

The selloftriggered a breakup of EBX and left the former billionairewithout new sources of cash for investment. ET time slot, but also might have been helped by the popularity of host Harris and interest in the nominees, Bianculli said. That could be valuable in moving parts such as robot arms or in planes or cars where flexibility is more important than conductivity.

While the financial profile compares well with the 'BBB' peer group, a higher rated single market operator would be expected to have a materially stronger market number one or two business position in turn resulting in a considerably stronger margin profile. While the association's survey did not ask questions about corruption, Xu said regulators would likely focus on such practices at some stage.

Some of the gay community there, they want to get people. So, if they've got the stuff, they'll have a ring. You shake hands and the ring's got a little thing where you cut your finger," Robertson told the audience. I mean it's that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder. According to Watson, we cannot continue operating on the assumption that all countries and regions across the globe are likely to be affected equally; the provision of limited funds means the strategies employed to combat global warming are going to have to be tailored, based upon geographical location.

It's going to be a lot of fun," Wacha said. The year-old rookie has tossed just 72 innings in the Majors and has never faced the Dodgers. I'm just going to have to go out there and make pitches. The last five minutes are really painful but you never have to live those last five minutes again. But there is growing disquiet about the lack ofprogress on structural reforms that were promised in tandem.

Anti-racism campaigners will argue this is a good thing, that it highlights offensive discriminatory attitudes. His maternal grandfather, an ambassador to the United States, remained here as a political refugee after criticizing the Dominican regime. Over at the open-air grill, New York-style meatballs, sausages and deli treats await. Unfortunately, "Hal" died unexpectedly during a tagging procedure. Cause of death was cited as a heartworm infestation. Roughly three quarters of households still access the internet using a copper connection. The changes will also limit the amount that BT customers pay for line rental.

We would also like to emphasise that our immediate concern is the health and wellbeing of the visitors involved in this accident. The animation does not "represent a complete or accurate record of the evidence," Mantei wrote, adding that the state thinks the animation is "speculative and irrelevant. Can I use your phone? Total unfundedliabilities were billion yen at the end of March, Sharp hassaid. The AMC and other experts believe that fostering a kid's connection to nature is a key component in building the next generation of conservationists and there's no better time than the fall, wherever you live, to start building that connection.

Imagine if, as you were reading, a giraffe walked up to you. Chances are, you'd stop reading and thinking about emails, dinner and Instagram, and focus entirely on the giraffe. A perhaps more realistic example: You're driving home from work, thinking about who knows what, when a police car pulls up behind you. Even if you're obeying the law, your attention may now shift to the rearview mirror and speedometer, as recollections of the workday are replaced with silent urges for the police car to change course.

Could you tell me the dialing code for? His proposal seems too similar to the failed efforts of President Clinton in to punish Saddam Hussein for violating U. We love the unique embellishment detail, which features a hand and a riding crop design to whip all who see it into a frenzy. It is the first sanctions bill to put a number on exactly how much Iran's oil exports would be cut. The new instant-replay challenge system, which Selig announced Thursday, should go a long way to address that. And what does modern policing do for him? The cops tell him to "stay away from the individuals that are following him.

Companiesclose to bankruptcy often miss bond payments. This payment - adrop in the bucket for the enormous EFH - was expected, thepeople said. There will be a length of time before you break even and see any benefit. Senate Banking Committee. Users prefer larger screens because theyare consuming more visual content on mobile devices than before,and using them less for voice calls - the phablet's weak spot. The videos I played from the Mac were out of focus for a minute or two but eventually looked fine.

I was able to browse the web with a bit of a lag and was able to access Gmail, but the screen resolution was off and not very legible. Still, for its intended purposes, the Chromecast did an excellent job of displaying YouTube and Netflix. Her old soccer team, once known as the Clayton Comets, is now Autumn's Angels; her jersey number, 14, has been retired from the Clayton Middle School sports teams; a bike path and a park are now named for her. Shortly after, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke started to discuss the way in which the Fed might reduce bond purchases in an address to lawmakers on May The bond market began its meltdown.

The third child was identified Thursday as a child of the man's wife from a previous marriage. Prosecutors said the children ranged in age from 2 to 8. How do you do? It is essentially across multiple devices and multiple experiences. He will receive life with parole unless at least five of the six jurors say otherwise. What sort of music do you like?

It is the largest listedport operator along the Malacca Straits that link Europe and theMiddle East to Asia and carry 40 percent of global shippingtrade. As a result, hesuggests that investors shouldn't be spooked by the Shillernumber. Up to a quarter of Americans consume that proportion of sugar as part of their diets. Previous studies that found harmful effects of sugar consumption tended to use unusually high amounts. Department of Energy. Our headquarters is located in downtown Washington, DC, surrounded by major international policy-making governmental and non-governmental organizations.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who ispresiding over the trial without a jury, to prevent Donziger andvillagers he represents from collecting the award in U. Sixty-five fires were burning Thursday, with 24 out of control, though all emergency warnings had been lifted. What a Lovely War, had the opposite function. The director, Andy de Emmony, has pulled off a subtly counter-cultural triumph. Feldman said the Delaware courts are"extremely fast," and that the Delaware Supreme Court could beexpected to rule "in a matter of weeks, not months.

Taylor was convicted not only of aiding and abetting Sierra Leone rebels from his seat of power in neighouring Liberia, but also for actually planning some of the attacks carried out by Sierra Leone rebel groups the Revolutionary United Front and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council. Just weeks ago, the FBI was notified of intelligence indicating that the Al Nusrah Front would be launching an attack in the nation's capital during August, but the intelligence and the threat were ultimately deemed to lack credibility.

The decline was also subject to caution because it reflected the departure of workers from the labor force, rather than being entirely due to stronger new job creation. It has recently announced a collaboration with online gaming software provider Playtech, in a bid to boost its digital presence. The daily, though, is standing behindthe story. For the best up to date information relating to Littlehampton and the surrounding areas visit us at Littlehampton Gazette regularly or bookmark this page.

The covetable print, the tres chic French brand, the sexy cut outs It was not immediately clear whether the two reports were related. His latest offer, for partof their operation, would save out of a total 1, jobs. Zookeepers note that the last twin pandas born in the U. According to Theocharides, her ex-husband, Charis, is a business consultant for NCR National Cash Register in Nicosia and makes 4, euros a month, information she says she got from court documents.

Last month the firm shut down the Houston trading desk responsible for cutting long-term deals with power plants. A person familiar with the matter said the desk's closure was not at the request of the Fed. Diane Abbott joined the list for the first time as did Dame Tessa Jowell. They declined to comment further.

The SIMD engine used in the P supports a wide variety of data types from 8-bit integer up to native double precision floating point operations. Mike Rush, an American Association of Railroads attorney, told the committee that safety data doesn't support the need for new regulations requiring two-man crews. Sometimes word for word.

If the design is to confuse the reader and make them think they bought half a book instead of a fully one, then I would say that style is a success. I love his work. She graduated from Harvard Law School's joint J. A closely watched index of U. The beachfront neighborhood heavy populated by firefighters and police officers was devastated during the storm when a fire pushed by Sandy's raging winds destroyed or more homes and buildings. Besides private equity, the assetsinclude credit investments, hedge funds and infrastructure. Neither Bank of New York nor the exchange bondholders have done anything wrong.

Another last-minute proposal by management failed toavert the strike, which went into effect at midnight. The two companieshoped their combined efforts could mount a more competitivechallenge to Google, the world's No. Millions more inside Syria are in desperate need of help but aid has slowed to a trickle due to excessive red tape and violence. Although there were power outages in spots, for the most part, Con Ed managed to keep the power flowing and the air conditioners running.

You may learn as much from the attitude of your teachers as from the content of their lessons. These are men who have mastered the death knock and the doorstep. If he's not there, the meeting could be perceived as grandstanding by the league, if not a method of providing cover for Snyder. Many of these people see little connection between the proceedings at The Hague, and their own efforts to seek justice and redress. Amphorae and tiger cubs have already been delivered. No kids do that anymore," he says. The Tide attack in an almost melodic method, just staying with it, grinding the opponent a little more, making another play, surviving one more explosive burst.

Some teams seem to strike and then rest, strike and then rest. Alabama seems to be constantly moving forward, at its own pace, on its own path, rolling toward whatever is next. Even Sabathia admitted that much, though he believes he can dominate opposing hitters without throwing in the high 90s. They focused on slashing areas where their market position was weak and the capital requirements were high, such as commodities trading. Phillips had practice violations; the question is what authority does the board have to act once those are found out," says Robinson of the medical board.

But the system isn't always set up for that. That can be frustrating. Bruising behind the child's right ear appeared consistent with pinching, the doctor said. The Nationals, who have been famously cautious with their star pitcher's workload throughout his career, had lost five straight games started by the right-hander.

Witness Van Halen and Aerosmith, whose recent reunion discs drew appropriate yawns. Germany's property market wasin good shape and some of IVG's assets - which have a marketvalue of roughly 5 billion euros - could likely be sold withoutlarge discounts to plug financing needs, the person said. Instead it mounted a self-defence argument, with him saying he suffered injuries and statements taken from eyewitnesses which differed on some points. In the light of this it is dangerous to imply that there is an easy bargain.

A law requires NOAA to develop a strategy to share data collected in ocean research and promote the development of new technology. An analyst had slashed her price target on sharesto one dollar, citing concern the retailer "may engage infinancial restructuring in Whereabouts in are you from? Current CEO Whitman took the top job in September after predecessor Leo Apotheker's brief stint, which wasmarked by slashed earnings forecasts and a plunge in thecompany's share price. What do you study? What qualifications have you got? And in most cases it is.

Using the symbols of Nazism or glorifying it is illegal in Germany. But it never left. We need a lot less government spending, taxation and regulation and a much bigger private sector and more self-sufficient households for prosperity to be fully restored. Afarm lobbyist said congressional staff already have resolvedminor differences in noncontroversial sections of the bill.

You know the narrative: He had become more interested in being a great character, being carried along by the sound of laughter and applause, than he was in being a great head football coach. A yard pass interference penalty on Prince Amukamara, a yard completion over the middle to Jason Avant against Will Hill and Philly was at the Giants A third-and-6 completion to DeSean Jackson and they were at the What part of do you come from? We believe women should be treated with respect. Investors are currently paying 21 times forecast earnings. That looks expensive when compared with peer Aggreko that trades on 17 times forecast earnings.

Aggreko may be facing a slowdown in growth, hence the recent sell-off but it has much more reliable earnings. Also at this point in the '08 cycle, Hillary Clinton was seen as the overwhelming favorite on the Democratic side. How did that turn out? He lost his bid for re-election a year later. And at this point in the cycle, George W. Bush had yet to see his poll numbers nosedive Hurricane Katrina hit the U.

It lookslike they've learned their lesson. Linda Sohus remains missing and is presumed dead. She was foundguilty of lying to investigators when she told them Caylee hadbeen kidnapped and prompted a nationwide search for the girl.

The Queen's Gambit Declined - Chess Openings with GM Damian Lemos

Lee Westwood also got to 6 under with a pair of early birdies. Jason Day was at 5 under after making birdies on two of his first three holes, surging into a tie with Furyk, who had an afternoon tee time. Store compost, potting mixes, mulches and soil in a cool place. It needs to find othersources of financing after directors rejected two attempts byBernabe to bring in new investors. Keep your profile fun, positive, and lively and you could just join one of the many individuals that have met their soul mate via the World Wide Web. Summers said a new round of bond buying "may be appropriate given that there is a much greater danger from underreacting to current economic weakness than from overreacting to it.

The Fed launched a mortgage-bond-buying program that September and extended Treasury bond buying a few months later. Could I borrow your phone, please? She had a similar nature, and she used to love playing indoor cricket as well, although she was more of a netballer. Grocery stores in other parts of the country usually place Fluff in the baking aisle because it is used in recipes for fudge and other desserts, or in the ice cream section because it is sometimes used as a topping.

Have you got any qualifications? He refused. We continue to welcome the opportunity to assist the business with the issue to avoid being penalized in the future, where appropriate. When he regained consciousness, he called to report the crash. He also served once in Kuwait and two tours in Afghanistan with the Nevada National Guard and was well-known in the school community. Sheridan is able to channel a deep raw emotional through-line of a character. That's not quite as good as it sounds, however, as O2's deal sees the firm offering a 25 percent discount on remaining line rental charges. At the time, the North Atlantic region experienced an upward tick in average temperature, mimicking the present warming conditions in the Arctic.

From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history. And who wouldn't be tempted to speed things up with an extra workout here, eliminating certain foods there? Understandable, sure, but definitely not wise: Overdoing exercise, especially after a hiatus, can cause serious injuries, and drastically cutting calories can make you irritable, forgetful, and may even age you.

He also reacted more quickly to positive images. Oh, Mr. Knapp, you have a small mistake in the last paragraph. Great post though, please keep them coming. So far, yes. Not so great for swimmers and people who have been waiting a month for tomatoes to ripen. In general, the first two weeks have been more like September. He added that his father, the revolutionary Communist leader Bo Yibo, had suffered similar imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution.

Oliveira is cheating, as he is much much taller than he would be if he still had one leg left, he cheated in the Olympics against Oscar and no-one did anything there and now he has cheated the record holder out of his record which was set fairly. On Saturday, he was on his way to Korea and he was away for two and a half years. The younger the parent and the lower the income, the bigger the molar bounty, Visa found. You get out in the ocean, you bob around and then you wait for a good wave. You gotta choose that wave. You understand that that wave may be a little further or a little less [away], but you help along by paddling.

And so it's not about choosing the right path, and you're going to have it all figured out, and it's not about just rolling with the punches and everything is situational, it's about making choices where you plank and then letting that wave take you while you help yourself out. The provision of counting non-votes as a "no" was accepted reluctantly by the bidders as it sets a very high threshold to meet, according to one of the sources. If we produce our own, we generate a lot of tax revenue and a lot of jobs. And yes, I do believe it can be done safely. I strongly believe it can be done safely.

A court should rule as much. Catch them without the thick layers of powder, smoky eyesh In the 12th, Sandoval snagged Omar Quintanilla's liner at third and threw to first to get Kirk Nieuwenhuis for a double play. But I think daddy Bush had a lot of oil contracts with the Saudis and he didn't want his father to lose any money. Gibbs, tbe former Governor-General, enrertamwg a black bishop and his wife for lunch is a sign that times are beginning ro change. Should they stay or get out? What will their future be if it does not? And there are constant references to the latest local casualties or attacks on farms near by.

Since their, announcement they have, according to one of the signatories, Mr A. Lewis, received considerable support, from both blacks and whites in Bulawayo. He is due for release in January, , but can be considered foe parole later this year. Initially he was. She last saw him in prison. He bad. So your savings now earn a profitable 6. Ask about diem at your local Leicester Building Society branch. Bukfing Society. Jointhe Leicester Investors. The union wants which looks like spreading, other branches.

The dispute is about the No emergency aid:. He criticized the union, wants its members to be social workers for nop provid- removed from the purple book grading so that they are free to negotiate at local level. So far local auth- the emergency service as auickly as usual.

Be feared fatalities could arise. It is a matter of three charges of encouraging principle. Buf oE the first British mercenary dom of speech and I am none had gone to Rhodesia, force in Biafra, Nigeria, against communism and Mr Michael Brodrick, for the pleaded not guilty yesterday to terrorism. It is a matter of. Each one the venture began with Mr Gordon Ward, aged 46, of makes his own decision.

Portsmouth, was have no control or influence the Rhodesian' Prime Minister, alleged by- Mr John Bull, for over them whatsoever. A Rhodesian the prosecution, at Portsmouth Mr Kenneth BricknelL, who government official replied: crown court to have sent out left the Royal Marines as a. Each one Gordon Ward, aged 46, of makes his own decision. I Mayles Road. The hearing continues today. Defence Correspondent writesi.

After taking off in less than yards the test pilot. The Tornado is nearly half way through an evaluation programme of 4, flying hours at Eoscocnbe Down before production models are delivered for pilot- training in The aircraft, in one role or another, will replace seven varying types in the British, German and Italian forces.

The latest, an electrical fault in the nose wheel, deterred Flight Lieutenant Thfrom demonstrating the aircraft's short-lauding ability. Vfinz Commander Darid Scouilcr. So far the aircraft, vlticb. Tbe decision to build the Tornado was taken in the! The RAF said yesterday that it had rejected alternative American aircraft because none would hare fulfilled its requirements.

The highly praised F-Lb lacked the all-weather capability that rhe RAr '. The aircraft coqld also be used against surface. The German Navy will be the first to receive production models of the strike variant of Tornado. A weapon training school for aircrews will be formed elsewhere. Mr Gordon Borrieij GeneraT. Mr - Borne has. By a Staff Reporter The. Thai IS.. P DyS1 gen to form helium. The long-term aim of the the field.

The eventual goal, to create research is to develop a new sun-like conditions in light atoms to fuse together. Sir pared witn U8. OlttDuCu in, said vesterday. Increased interest and other. London, 0 q SundayjBjgnC-. Recession youths. Leading article, page 13 she had withdrawn her action several weeks ago. British Rati was'on target to meet its obligations under the peace in the country, and real.

Political Staff writes. You stole cashed by. Because clinics were financed by area authorities, and general practitioner family planning services, which were more freight business. Sir Peter said. Weather forecast and recordings the next British government to cosdy, directly by tbe Depart- declare that on a date five menc of Health, many authori- years from now Ulster would be [ ties were encouraging women to given independence and British die Royal Navy the Prince of the case and was ordered to I Criminal Damage.

Compensa- troops would depart. Social focus, page 8 the clinic service. Mr Stephen, from 30 per cent at.. Sun sets : S. John Cooper, of BenOeet, the pun mooa: August Welsh- international, took the Lighting up : S. S York policy.. Bailey, of Lansdowpe. Road, October, , election to. The' dominant pi holiday unaware thar, because was. The vehicle's.. AvonttURitii, Grant British chess championship 9 am, John Littlewood, of Skelmm- 53nl After Cooper sacrificed- a Round seven results; Cooper 1.

J Littjrweod o: Spcei- man C. Piaskmi WhluHcv p. Watson o;. Cardin O, Mestel 1: Garbi-it 1. Lawton O; Homer 1. Honnor O: Milncr-Banr O. Ashby 1; Povah O. Rumens v Clirkc. Bolicrlll v Short. MotwaM r Linton. Morrison v Carlo tan. Knott v Knox. Flwr v Pritch. Leaning scorer! Touibnt and Mestel. Miss jACksan 1? Mrs Pritchard O. Mrs Clarke 1; Mrs Smith 1. Miss Coodvrtn O. Yesterday -.

Vxacforrl-o o - n. N Wales,. Bun 1 Rain.. It would take into I are falling faster in Britain who sniffed it. The chemical. Home Civil Service. Like most other bureaucra- aatic Service. Hennessy were the proverbial Whitehall trail there bt where you would iday lunchtime.

What can they be discussing? How to cajole ministers into taking a more realistic line about world prospects at the forthcoming economic summit? The agenda coVeTS none of those intriguing matters, it would seem. Indeed, there is no agenda at all. Occasionally- they may sound each other out about a piece of business coming up at some committee or other later in the week. For the Whitehall-watcher it is all very disappointing. At the outset of has diverting thriller, Mr Davey has his hero, Ambrose Usher, musing: Where did a modern Treasury man eat lunch?

Probably at a cafeteria. Of coarse. There inur a cafeteria. He had been told about It. In a little turning off Whitehall there was. A leading article said that birdwatchers might not be the only people malting use of the map. The writer should have been aware of the j many other publications available on bird-life containing mfonna-! Not orilv was this a highly criti- cal article based on inaccurare i facts, it also contained some state- meats that were damaging to the reputation of the author of the map.

Captain D. The complaint against the Glasgow Herald is upheld. Cabinet Office bigwigs. In,, the know. How else could dungs' run so. Even the Cabinet Office Mess is no more except for its bar facilities and the odd hot snack. It has bail to close its waitress service for lack of custom.

According to the wags, it is the first discernible' shift of power to the. For all its regulars pooh-poohing its 'signifance. Wet weather may have caused bee attack on woman From Our Correspondent York People have been advised to keep away from beehives on the north Yorkshire moors after an elderly woman was stung more than times by honey bees on Sunday. Because of the wet weather there is a shortage of pollen in the heather. The Vati- Ens attitude remained hierar- suraiion hod. Secretariat of at tiiis pace our deficit ju 1SS1 will be The question of whether the Pope requires a Curia at all in its present form is unlikely to arise, although the more spiritually minded bishops and cardinals might like to indulge in the -daydream of a simple administration.

Such a project would cer- tainlv be opposed by some nf the Third World cardinals who are aware that their hierar- immense capacity for work and mentality, but his council could has readiness to carry out the be developed as, a system or power on its- own. A year ago responsible government in which decisions would be taken in a form of cabinet.

All the heads of congregations would the Curia cardinals present in the conclave. It has its narcissism. One of its leading members, who is also on most lists as a papal not only for material beln but also to help them maintain an identity in countries where they are small minorities. Much the same could be said of the East European bierar- he was appointed to Florence, know what was befog done and His successor. Mgr Guiseppe approve it. Paul did not use Caprio, is well liked but in no the council that way, but a way comparable in energy.

His successor might. Police Constable Sydney Scott in the execution of his duty. This will be their fourth move since thev came to the museum In and As well as the dinosaurs, the new exhibition will 'Include plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs and many other fossil reptiles and amphibians.

Two specimens of the fossil bird, Archeuopteipx will be on display, as well as dinosaur eg gs and several modern animals, including crocodiles and birds, the closest living relatives of the dinosaurs. Some of the specimens in the new exhibition, including a small, well preserved skeleton of a pterodactyl, have never been displayed in the museum before ; others, such as the extinct moa, have not been on display for many years.

The Regional report has been held over until next Tuesday because of pressure on space. The most cogent objection is that in a service spending about E6,m a year Government and Parliament must control finance. It would be helpful, too. Secondly, there is uneertaimv about the effect of a general election. The last is tie most recent emotive issue. Although it is justly claimed that most of the 2, NRS hospitals go quietly about their daily business and never experience a strike, it is equally true that disputes and stoppages have increased a.

Neither management nor tne professions appear to be geared to -meet the sharp rise in trade union strength in the sen-ice. The crisis in the service has arisen because never before has it faced so many difficulties at once: a slow rate of growth, inflation, greater interference for political reasons, a deluge of instructions, guidance and advice from the department, often without appreciation of the practical implications, crushing demand, low morale and erosion of good will. It has nothing to do with the search for historical truth.

Crewmen killed on White Sea Three trawlermen have died in a fire on the Grismsby freezer trawler. Sea, it was reported - yesterday. The stricken vessel was towed into Honningsvaag, Norway. Mrs Rubin is now in Vienna awaiting further instructions. She said that Mr Shcharansky might have been released already if there had not been such an outcry against hte trial. It made the Soviet Union realize that a higher price could be exacted for his release. Mrs Rubin emphasized that Mr Flatto-Sharon was acting on his own initiative and was not sponsored in any way by the Israeli Government.

He is a free operator. In a telegram to Mr R. Rudenko, rhe Soviet procurator- general, Professor Pond also requested permission for the College to send, an observer to the trial. Mr Podrabinek, a medical assistant, is accused oi anti-Soviet slander in bis book Punitive Medicine. The silly season comes ro the heart of Paris: on the Pont tTArcole leading to Notre Dame, this fir tree has sprouted—part of a project banning traffic and opening some streets only to sightseers on foot.

For the first time ever, a French television programme. The programme went out last night and was supposed to be a chat with an Armenian woman on her fortieth birthday about her childhood, the way she met her husband, her illnesses and the joy of living. France Soir picked it as the best programme being transmitted by the third Problems multiplying in forming Lisbon Cabinet Lisbon, Aug But it was clear he was meeting resistance. After tbe meeting. Dr Diogo Freitas do Amaral, leader of the Centre Democratic Social Party conservatives arid he was still willing to support the new Prime Minister, whose appointment he welcomed.

Tbe total lack of interest-in the one peak-time programme last night that required the viewer to think a bit sums up tire hgh bolday weekeind of the summer in Paris. There seems nobody about who bothers or cares. The streets are empty. The President has cancelled the ,weekly Cabinet meeting and gone away for a break in the Central African Empire. Le Monde has shrunk to 24 pages, of which only two are devoted 'to domestic news. The two-week meeting is designed as the climax of the United Nations Decade for Action Against Racism declared ' in One place that has been doing well for the first time this season is Brittany.

Ia Saint Brieuc tbe local people were called on to help in accommodating everyone by offering' bed and breakfast. Even so, the Bfirtany reason has been extremely bad overall. They stopped wort and most French households did the same. With more than ICO bodies recovered it is feared that the final dseth toll could be as high as 'rith ac least 25 young children among the victims. The Fatah group. In private, experienced guerrilla fighters are highly sophisticated-'bomb or bombs could have been planted by saboteurs acting for Israel- The location; deep in the Muslim half of the city arrd on the edge of a heavily.

Children rescued: A two-year- old child, a nine-year-old. The two groups split in May last year. Fatah also said it had lost men in the attack. The PLO and tiie PLF have each sec up inquiry commissions to identify those responsible for yesterday's explosion in which the majoriry of victims were civilians.

Palesnman fighters believe was ldemiry checks of unfamiliar blown up by b of high ex- v - ls j tors were also tightened and plosive placed at strategic patro is 0 f Palestinian quarters points ui the basement. The baby and the old man. He praised Syria far helping to protect Lebanon and its people and for supporting rhe legal authorities. Congo coup its leaders arrested Brazzaville, Aug The Congolese capita] was calm, but President Yhombi Opango ordered tomorrow's independence day celebrations to he cancelled and confined Army and security forces to barracks.

The people were ordered to stay in their home districts. President Yhombi Op an go said they were already under arrest. S Africa names acting President Pretoria, Aug Dr Abernathy, who took over from Dr King as the head of the civil rights movement, was with Dr King at the time of the shooting.

The civil rights leader was in Memphis to take part in a march in support of a strike of sanitation workers. In response to questions from Congress members. He pleaded guilty ar bis trial and the whole court proceedings lasted a mere three hours. Luis Obispo. Los Angeles and Kem. Hospitals spurred i.

Property damage was said to be heavy, with the most serious reported in Goleca, jus; north of the dry. Tiurteen v. Parcels rolled down the embankment on to a rtud. Police mounted acc-i coring patrols to watch over businesses arc homes :h smashed windows. The reptiles were quickly rounded up. Officials kept a wary eye on rhe sea. Santa Barbara. Angeles, sits in :be winding path of rhe San Andreas fault, which runs from north of San Francisco to the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley and on to the Mexican border.

The strike has shut the. Vet: 1 York Post. It began when che printers refused to accept new contracts proposed by rhe managements that would halve the number of printers over a period of years through attrition. He said, however, that there was no question of its closing down. Of the three newspapers. Memphis, Tennessee. Aug Some guardsmen in armoured personnel carriers equipped with. Mr Wyeth Chandler, the mayor, -.

Three shots had been fired at police buildings last night Earlier, about Mr Winslow Chapman, the. The strife came as Memphis prepared for thousands of fans of Elvis Presley, die late rock- and-roll singer, on rhe first day of the anniversary week of his death. Mr Vesrer Presley, his unde 'aid that 8. Teheran, Aug Abonr2B pr were stin in hospital today -' serious injuries, krdudttto '" of limbs.

About 80 people were a ted after, several. At least 14 people have i reported killed in. A man was killed when no. It - the second reported curfew-: lation in Isfahan since a oq club the. Four people-were arrested Tabriz after they set fire ir nightclub. Police fired into the gLra ' - used tear gas to break. In Najjafabad,. Neither device exploded. South Africa. Since June, , guerrilla activities reported. About people are on trial In South Africa on charges of terrorism and another are soon to face trial.

The ANC is believed to be better organized outside the country. Its numbers have been swelled by young people who left South Africa to take up 1 arms after the Soweto violence oF June 16 last year. ANC leaders insist, however, that they will not carry out a campaign of terror against whires. The ANC is a? Botswana is also used as a route into South Africa, but the Botswana Government frowns on such activities. Late justice Berlin, Aug The Navy said that 28 of the 50 people on board had been rescued. A bandsman and. Rescue helicopters released clouds of yellow shark repellant into the sea round the liferafts used by the survivors.

The area is notorious for. The aircraft remained afloat for nearly five minutes after rhe crash. They were travelling to Ulithi Atoll, miles south of Agana, for a ceremony. Malawi ban on journalists Zomba. Thousands of. Iapane5e peace and friendship treaty. Massachusetts, Aug He asked Americans to support. Mr Carter spoke as public ro give him a new image of d cisiveness. Reailis of an AEU Loois Harris polk released! Mr Caner ;was espeqaL-j critical of a massive, publ - works Bill approved recently the House of. Representative saying it would cost hundreds -. Seoul, Aug General's evidente Santiago.

Rhodesia dropped Salisbury, Aug This discriminated against the 10 per cent of the population who are left-handed. Agence France-Presse. An embassy spokesman j. I Clljri j siorial community they are in a position to know how things stand. They said die economy was in a serious. Mr G- -W. Bulawayo has a' largo. The security. But in jheir. IS 4 Jf ;NT. Decent; ber. Tbe play, which concerns a young man. Carl Davis. Howard Bremen's The Churchill Plop, set in.

Premiere followed premiere with no real success, at times even with disaster. With the eagerly awaited expiration of the present IntendanTs contract, things will almost have to change for the better, if only because at this point they can hardly get any worse. Aristophanes, if he could see it, might scarcely recognize it, but, even so, I think be might well have loved It.

I did. That guilt- free. A runway goes from the stage through the audience nearly to the back of tbe auditorium, then turns sideways to one of the doors. Entrances and exits take place through. Last week 1 7 p. Until Sept. Subs Ei'flS 7. Donmnr Tired Ire. Htwal Slwfcejj poare Company. Ton t 8. It Sal. BrUllanlly conceived, written and acted. Erwroeslnfl and magnetic. Burlington House. A dm free. Sadnillc SL U'. Mlsad Sam- mrr Show. Uutll 9 September. B Dover St.. SaL lO-a. Matthew Smith. Graham Suthprir-nd. Halva art from iaibiti century. MLro and Erwat.

Sat, lfa OO Cert Streca. Mou- Frl. Until H Oct. Open dally Closed Sal. C 70mm lint. Il Sun. Camden Town Fubo i. Shaftesbury Whatever youVe got to sell. Genres come and genres go, but genre goes on for ever. To begin with, hardly any' of ihe artists concerned. Elsewhere the contemplation of flowers leads Ivon Hitchens to distribute great splashes of colour so 1 loosely across Ins canvas that it coasts abstract expressionism.

The connexion between the two is not always evident, bur in either style he works with comforting confidence if no very acute originality. But it is the flowers that linger. Rarely has a performance moved me to make so many excited notes on so many details. Miss Carstensen proved a revelation to me; never have I seen heir so effective. Everyone involved deserves congratulations. One assumes those critics are not Scots; and ' not only not Scots but also not North-Country men.

There is a sentimental. North-Country warmth about the play. Hobson's Choice and Hindle. A place has been found for no. Although he found his poise' in its slow movement it was when joined by Isaac':5rem' in the A minor concerto.. P 28i ' that the music itself ' already- beginning to explain why Bach was so attracted to Vivaldi ex-. There were nice threads of colour from the ECO there, too. But the work is surely nor quite so innocent as this performance suggested. Miss Gordon, using a light but razor-sharp Scottish accent, seemed perfect.

But tbe play is a comedy and. New Zealand by an innings and US rum. Needing to make England bat again. New Zealand were bowled out in their second innings for ISO. The totals made against England this summer are Occasionally it bas been dark and iHimal for batting. And yesterday they did so with the pitch at its best, and in a good cricketing light.

As if New Zealand did not already hare problems enough, they added to them by running themselves out. Of the first three wickets to -fall. Anderson and Parker went in this way. It was a dreadful waste. He held one catch at sbo and a beauty at sbort leg, and he took three more wickets. Bnyurley also held two excellent catches. New Zealand's resistance until the middle of the afternoon, was stouter chan in their first innings. But like Donnelly, he is brimful of promise. At for two, with Edgar- and Parker going well, there looked to be a lor more cricket left in the match than proved to be the case.

Of the England bowlers. Willis spent most of the day kicking his heels. He was being kept for the new ball, which was never needed. Hendrick and Edmonds were admirable and Botham marvellously spirited, and they were supported by some more splendid English fielding. With the side to Australia due to be chosen shortly, the one to be worrying must be Miller, who was given little chance. A moment : A iicfpnlio earlier at 4. Al tf,e beginning of play, Wor- tfelayed until 30 I c esterstore, who had won the toss later. Congdon was also caught, at slip by Breariey, two handed to his right off Botham.

In tie end, curbing his natural game, Edwards gave Edmonds a gentle Constant in a changing world: the umpire left has to mind lan Botham's helmet while keeping a watchful eye on such as Bruce Edgar right , New Zealand's top scorer. He seemed early on to have second thoughts about ir.

Congdon was thrown out in just the same way in the first Test match at the' Oval, also by Gower's underarm roll. For the second wicket Howarth and Edgar added 58, the first 50 of them in even time. Howarth played beautifully until be was caught at second slip off a Hendrick special. Having survived one horribly good spell by Hendrick afterwards, Parker was playing two good strokes in every over when rain sent the players in for a quarter of an hour. The batsmen must have wished it bad not, Parker being run out as soon as the game was resumed.

Edgar played Edmouds just in front of square leg and made as if to run. After some hesitation Parker turned back, and in spite of a full length dive, failed to beat Miller's return. The fact that Parker slipped may have taken a foot or two off his unavailing -dire. When Edmonds was bowling, Botham fielded to him in a crash helmet at short leg.

At their recent meeting, the Test and County Cricket Board discussed the banning of belmeu in the field. They favoured it in fact—but they have first to discover how legal that would be. The lawyers run tbe game these days, and that being so, the chances are. The pitch was helping blm most of the time and he had been heavily punished by Turner. Cairns was leg berc-rc i The runs bad been coming from to one that crept back at hist. Both and Boock bowled by Edmonds.

Boycott Radicy S rear ley Bollism C for 34]. Second Innings B. Burgess, c Srcarfcy. O Edmonds B. Edwards, c and b Edmonds B. I— Cairns, l-b-w. Ha dies, c Taylor. Constant and T. Spa near. Breakweli and Burgess took their side to a second bonus point for batting before Rose declared.

Somerset might have changed their minds if everything had started afresh. The pitch was damp and yielded stow turn for the spin bowlers all day. Rose, b Tc Lamb A. Danning- I. Roebuck, b WUlcv a 20 - P. Roebuck, b WUlcv- P. Marks, c Cook, b Willey D. Moseley did not bat. S—, 6— Rose was soon out before Richards, for 12 overs, threatened to show that the - suspect pitch could be Ignored, given ambition and tbe ability to do so. Sharp accepting a dumping, chance wits rapidity and thankfulness.

Cook, b Dred'jp W. Larkins, b Dredge D. Lamb, si Taylor, b Break- wen " P. Warn, -not out.. Williams, not out. Extras 'be, 1-b 4, w Sarfraz Nawaz and T.

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Northamutanshtre 2. HaJQrard and K. Roebuck in the neat over was beaten by turn. At ffl for four Somerset were struggling with a capital S. Marks was the first' to show that determination and a good eye could 1 profit. Against Steele, Willey and, later, Williams, tie regularly struck the ban firmly on both sides of tbe wicket. Slo- combe, too, played Ms parr, albeit as second fiddler rather than first. Marks did not last much longer Wwdw 59; P. Gooch 4 fw Wright 4 Air ; Bacfcannhjnush try iH. Hayward 83 not ouli. Match drawn.

Toth am ldl nor oat : Dorset Tor 4 IR. Lewis Collins 4 for Halley 4 for AlwjviaWic 6 fw and Jar 6 iA. Dtadar Mast drawn. Matdi dranm. JtortrtTO , P. He was missed by John, Hop Id ns at Slip when Todd, l-b-w b Cordlo. Randall, l-b-w. TuraurtifFL-, not out.. A-, Vvlillp. French, l-b-w, b Nash.. Doihl to tal. GUioorgan 7. K, Alley. Middlesex gained a run lead when they declared at 27S for seven in Gatting bit his second consecutive century with 15 fours and one six in ISO minutes to top bis not out against Yorkshire last week with a career best of Tomlins reached bis 50 with two sixes and four fours in minutes and finished with 55 not out.

Kira ten. Barrington, c GaitUig. Bartow, l-b-w. Wallers, c Gould, b Daniel C. O—1—4— 43, Second Innings A. Anderson, c Gould, b Selvcjr P. Kirsten, not out.. Wan era. Rusted], A. Men or, tA. Foath era tone, b Barlow.. Smith, b waiters.. Barlow, c Barlow, b MeUor 15 M. Gattlnp b Russell.. Gould, run oca.. Butcher, c Kirsten, b Walters 7 S. Poultor, run out.. Tomlins, ran out.. Em burry. W, sdvty and W. Middlesex Bonus points J lo dale 7jms. Derbyshire 3. Lamb 64 not otu. Monuith 4 for 17 v Ireland.

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Second XI competition. Abborter SI not oori. DtuBeson ai i: Dertysturc n 93 for 3 iA. Monts 53 j. RAF for 6 55 evcrsi. Essex have some hard work ahead of them If they are to gain any more points from this match. Haring done well to restrict Leicestershire to a modest first innings lead, they had an unhappy final period. The first over of the day yielded nine runs and when Steele and Briers saw the 50 up in the 15th over, one envisaged a long, hard day in the field for the home side.

But suicidal running, allied to some smart fielding achieved the first breakthrough and then Turner was rewarded for a long, unlucky spell with the wicket of Briers to one that kept law. Davison was in fine form during the hour before lunch and a big total still looked a distinct possibility. After lnnch, though, it was a different story.

Whatever the reason, Leicester- shire lost four wickets in as many overs for the addition of only seven runs and Essex were once more back in tbe game. Two of those wickets fell to Phillip with successive legal deliveries. In between, with a tio ball, he vemored Clift's off stump. Phillip was the most impressive of the Essex bowlers The start of their second innings was a nightmare. Be gets out too often when he looks set for really big score, buz be is still a young man, only This did not matter much, so far as Kent were concerned, because Shepherd was away at once, and Cook over the punching.

It is their depth of batting, as much os anything, which makes Rent such a strong side. Tavarfi was leg before to Royns. As soon as he reached it, Kent declared. Hie Cathedral clock, its mellow boom not sending a single young kestrel flying they have obviously got used to it bv now raig six as Kent left the field. SCO X. Second inr. S Hlsu.. Extras iw i, n-u Touil 13 wktsi 43 N. Lexer ar. Acii'-ld to bat. Briers, l-b-w.

Steele, run out J. Davison, b East M. Extras ib 5. Toral 1 Leicestershire 6. Umpires; J. Goo dal! Gloucestershire bad decided to bat after tibe first day of tbe game.