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Improving your balance, coordination and focus? Optimizing your breathing? Take your boot camp experience to the next level! Join your fellow boot camper and yoga instructor, Dot Zullo, for a light-hearted yoga class which will focus on opening your hips, hamstrings, upper and lower body. All levels are welcomed. No previous experience needed. Modifications provided for any physical limitations. Did you type the domain correctly? As a young woman, I always thought that it would be cool to be an author, putting my thoughts on paper and then having people I didn't know read and reflect about the book.

But what would I ever write about?! So I bought books about how to write books What felt more natural to me was using my voice - speaking, recording, creating videos and audios. When I opened my own business in November of , the journey of discovering and then eventually loving my voice began. I have created a beautiful library on YouTube of guided meditations, interviews with people I admire, musings about the state of the world I've talked and talked! And then at the end of , this desire to share in the written form became more urgent.

I wasn't sure what I needed to say exactly yet, but I knew it was connected to the Soul-human journey we are all taking here on this planet. So I started simply talking into my phone after I finished meditating each morning, rambling through my thoughts out loud. And the dimensions began taking on form, flowing through with the greatest of ease. The book was downloaded in one month through these audio recordings on my phone. Then I spent a month and a half transcribing and editing those recordings and another month putting my final loving touches to it before it uploaded to Amazon on April 11th, This creative phase was a time unlike any other in my life and I am humbled by the beauty of what is being shared globally through this book.

I read from Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 15 in the audios below from the daily Gaia's Love Podcast. Claim Your own One Day Thank you for saying YES to this powerful exploration of Love expanding on our planet! Readers' Reflections So excited I got to finish your book in Bali, it just seems fitting!! Those who made it past the weighing and Ammit would then be judged by 42 gods. Each would look for a specific sin, and it was up to the person being judged to convince the gods that they never committed that particular sin.

A Journey into the Soul in Heart of Darkness Essay

It was recommended by the Book of the Dead for the soul to name each god before making his argument. The Book of the Dead also informed the soul of what sin each god was looking for, giving them a better chance of convincing the 42 judges of their innocence. If each god was convinced, then the deceased was allowed past and entered the Reed Fields also known as Aaru by crossing the Lake of Flowers.

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For the Egyptians, Paradise was nearly identical to what they had in the mortal realm. One would find loved ones, animals, pets, and one's home.

My Soul Journey - One Day

The only difference is that one would never die here. That transition was already complete, and would not need to be repeated. It is implied, however, that one day the universe as we know it would cease to exist, and at that time, all the souls who survived judgment would return to be as one with the great Primordial Sea until the next universe was created from the waters. One of the defining features of the Egyptian afterlife is what is not actually present.

Most religions promise eternal torment for those who commit evil deeds in life. The Egyptians promise something far more sinister- complete oblivion. Also unique to the Egyptian afterlife is the idea of a split immortal soul. Many consider the immortal soul to be a whole and singular entity. Most interesting of all is the Egyptian idea of Paradise. The ability to continue one's existence in essentially the same state as it was in the mortal realm spoke to a deep contentment within the Egyptians.

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They could not envision any place better than what they already had on Earth. Brier, Bob, and A. Hoyt Hobbs.

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New York: Sterling, Schulz, Regine, and Matthias Seidel. Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs. Ullmann, Have any comments or questions?

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Comment below! Have a topic you'd like to see me write on? Get in touch with me through the comments! Thanks for reading! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I thought that the 42 gods came first, and then the weighing of the heart.

The Three Worlds of the Spiritual Journey

So, which is it, and does it matter? Hi Yay! If you fail to get past the 42 gods, the part of your soul which leaves Earth for the afterlife is destroyed. You had been judged unworthy of the Field of Reeds. Hi Sebastian! Thank you for reading! It really depends on the assignment. If it is any sort of paper for class, I wouldn't.

You can look at the source section of the article for a few good books. Your best bet is to ask your teacher. I'm doing a paper on this and comparing it to the Greeks and this was extremely helpful! Hi Jeff!

The Soul’s Journey Into God

I have found some resources about the Hall of Judgement. Some great information can be found at:. Both of these sites also have a recommended reading in case you would like to go further. Hi Henry! Thanks for your question! From what I understand, professional mummification was at first reserved for the pharoh.

Excerpt from "Raga: A Journey into the Soul of India" (feat. Yehudi Menuhin)

As time passed, this was extended to those who could afford it. Not all was lost for those who didn't have money though. Ancient Egyptians first learned about mummification through natural means-namely the hot sands of the desert. The body, if correctly laid out in the desert, could naturally dry out and be preserved. In addition to this, during the New Kingdom the Book of the Dead became more widely available. This gave the average person a chance at having the correct spells be spoken over them or written with their body when they died.

Hello Blomkvist! Thank you for your kind words! I found the information regarding the ba becoming damaged in my first source, on page , the section titled "Gods Cults and the Kindom Of the Dead", in the article written by Wafaa el-Saddik.