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India's Islamist Groups

Sayyid Qutb was one of the prominent figures in Muslim Brotherhood leadership of Egypt and religious experts credit Qutb for founding militant Islam. It is important to note that, there is relatively no difference in political and social ideologies between Qutb and al-Banna, but they vary differently in methods of carrying struggle.

Moreover, the state and the society were in violent confrontation, hanging in the balance between the Western world and industrial take over. Often fuelled by political corruption, social inequalities, the gap between the rich and the poor grew phenomenally wideshattering the dreams of an Islamic resurrection.

However, the Islamic Revolution of in Iran resurfaced hope in masses. Hence, the Muslim leaders of today can neither protect nor defend the Muslim interests nor can they reclaim the lost glory of Muslim kingdoms in the region. For radical Islamic fundamentalists, they are left with only one option, overthrow the existing system. The rise of Islamic Fundamentalism is credited mainly to widening gap between the rich and the poor. As stated in the Human Development Report of , the income levels of the East phenomenally declined after The world revenue share of the East was recorded to 2.

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On the contrary, the richest countries reached over On the domestic front, the rift between the rich and the poor were deep. Moreover, the economic deterioration in the East phenomenally increased in the early s. The East witnessed a rise in Anti-imperialist, anti-opportunist uprising after the end the of World War I, where the uprising was more nationalist in nature than religious.

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The combined arms of Arab defeat in the hands of Israel during the Six-day war paved a path for radical Islamic Fundamentalism in the East. The masses failed to interpret the secular agenda of top political leadership rising masses towards their top political leaders. The Islamic revolution in Iran gave the necessary significant boost to radical Islamic Fundamentalist in the region. The decisive defeat of Iraq during the war, shattered the Arabs.

Muslim Fundamentalism in India: hostage to medieval concepts

This decisive defeat of Arabs was incomparable to the defeat of Palestine in or in the hands of Israel in the Six-day war. According to many experts US turned out to be meritorious. However, the real victors were the Islamic Fundamentalists. Since, the Taliban pose a massive challenge against the Sovietsthey could too challenge the super power, America, too. Today, radical Islamic Fundamentalist not only poses a grave challenge to the world, but to US, in particular. His policy analysis has featured in national and international journals and conferences on security affairs.

While crying foul against the Jihadists who are not doing other than struggling to evict the foreign exploitation that had been blighting the Arab and Muslim world for the past centuries, the Indian abomination created by the same exploiters for their own good, is still functioning and kicking for survival. This accession was ratified by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, head of the largest political party the National Conference representing the Muslim majority of the state.

The Sheikh did so because he felt that the interests of Kashmiri Muslims, who practice the secular Sufi-Islamic way of life, would be best served under the protection of the Indian constitution. The present secessionist drive in Kashmir has its antecedents in the dissatisfaction of a small and insignificant section of Kashmiris mostly political opponents of the Sheikh.

However, since about , this drive has been hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists who have resorted to terrorist tactics, targeting Hindus, Sikhs, and secular Muslims. Since , with training and support from Pakistan, the terrorists are engaged in a low- intensity war against India for establishment of a theocratic nation in Jammu and Kashmir. The well-armed Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. The following pages will show you a glimpse of the history, culture, and the current plight of Kashmiri Pandits.

You will understand the goals of the bigoted religious terrorists in Kashmir whose vision of Azadi independence is to use religious dogma to exclude women, religious minorities, and secular-minded people from every kind of freedom in social and political life. The refugee camps at Jammu.

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